The above is a photographic likeness of the illustrator. #NailedIt


Born in Calgary, Alberta, Mariella grew up for the first portion of her life in Santiago, Chile, before returning to Canada. She attended the Alberta College of Art & Design and receiving her Bachelor of Design majoring in Illustration & Character Design in 2010, before continuing on to complete her Masters of Design in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art in 2019. 

She currently works out of Glasgow, UK and Calgary, Alberta. That or out of a super-secret abandoned Soviet submarine base in the arctic ocean that just so happens to have an excellent internet connection...believe either version, the choice is yours. 

Why "Town of Wolves"?

Because that is the translation of "Villalobos", an admittedly difficult to pronounce and spell last name for the average anglophone.  


Swerve Magazine, Bleed Communications, Apple Canada Inc., AppleCORE, ceMelusine of Silverstring Media, FFWD (now deceased), personal commissions, some guy that wanted a walrus drawn for his son once (it was weird).


Book publishing/narrative work, literature, writing about herself in the Third Person, film, Music Music Music Music Music, graphic novels, theatre, classical ballet, opera, Shakespeare, etc.


Kurt Halsey Fredricksen, Dave McKean, Sam Weber, Jillian Tamaki, James Jean, Art Nouveau


Flowing lines, curlicues, squids, Victorian Speculative Fiction, books, folklore/mythology, holidays and festivals, Sunset Rubdown (they're a band).